In case you are a website owner, a problem might always crop up and it doesn’t necessarily need to be related to the hosting service itself. For instance, something may go wrong when you update an app or some crucial content can be edited or deleted unintendedly. No matter what the essence of the problem may be, you will have to touch base with the client service staff and ask them to recover a backup or to help you deal with the problem that you’re confronting. How quickly they’ll do it will predetermine the time that your sites will be inaccessible. For particular websites like social networking websites or online shops, a continued unavailability can too often mean lost visitors and money. That is why, it is of vital importance that you use the services of a company that offers not only a very good customer support service, but also a prompt one.
One-Hour Response Guarantee in Website Hosting
If you are using any of our Linux website hosting and you’ve got an enquiry or chance upon a certain obstacle, you can contact us 24-7-365 by submitting a ticket or by writing an email and we will make sure that you receive a response in less than sixty minutes. In case the issue can be sorted out, we will do it before we reply, whilst if there is something that you have to do on your end, we’ll supply you with all the needed information – what workable solutions to try, what settings to check, etc. Usually, you’ll receive a reply within maximum 30 minutes, which implies that waiting around for hours and hours or even for more than one day to receive support is something inconceivable. Our 1-hour response guarantee is valid for any question that you may have – technical, billing or general.